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Works with all oil types, weights, and viscosity.


SLICK 50® Recharged High Mileage Engine Treatment was developed for vehicles that suffer from lost performance due to friction & wear, oil consumption & leaks, smoking, and sludge build-up. It is formulated to restore the performance of your high mileage vehicle and keep it running like new. This proprietary formulation is built from a base of fully formulated multi-grade motor oil that meets ILSAC GF-5 motor oil specifications and enhanced with additives specifically for high mileage engines. Unlike some oil additives, SLICK 50® will not dilute the additives already in your engine’s motor oil. So protect your investment and recharge your engine’s performance with SLICK 50® Recharged High Mileage Engine Treatment. 




Available Size: 15 FL. OZ. (444 mL) bottle

Recharged High Mileage Engine Treatment

SKU: SL-750002
  • Slick 50® additives help Recharge and Restore performance in High Mileage Vehicles:


    • FULLY FORMULATED MULTI-GRADE MOTOR OIL Meets GF-5 requirements which helps reduce emissions and restore fuel economy


    • FRICTION MODIFIER Creates an enhanced protective layer of lubrication to minimize heat produced by friction


    • SEAL REVITALIZER Formulated to revitalize engine seals and slow or stop leaks


    • POWERFUL DETERGENTS Removes sludge and fights future build up


    • EMISSION SYSTEM SHIELD Helps improve emission system durability