"My 1997 Crown Vic has over 456,000 mile on it and I have changed the oil every 5,000 mile. The only other thing I have done to this car is to use Slick 50®. I feel certain that your product has helped it to get this number of miles. I drive 161 mile a day 5 times. I just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful product. I hope to get 1,000,000 mile before my story ends."

Michael, Georgia

"I’ve got a Nissan Pathfinder with at least 175,000 miles. I changed my oil a month ago and added a quart of your Slick 50® engine treatment for high mileage vehicles. The results? It’s no longer fighting itself and instead of the usual weekly ¾ tank of gas, it’s now ½ tank. That’s a four gallon a week savings. Slick 50 is the only product I’ve purchased that makes me money!"

John, Kentucky

"I started using Slick 50® in my Ford F150 when it was new in 1995. It now has 254k miles on the original everything and still runs as strong as when it was new."


"I bought my 1992 Ford Aerostar in 1994. The first thing I did was pour in a quart of Slick 50®. I ran that vehicle until two weeks ago when it was totaled. It had over 360,000 kilometers with no engine trouble, no burning oil, and it regularly passed Ontario's stringent emissions tests with flying colors. I firmly believe that I owe my vehicle's long life to regular maintenance and Slick 50®."

Bill, Ontario

"I have a 5 year old lawn mower with only 250 hours on it. My repair shop said the compression was too low and I needed a new engine. I added about 1/4 of a bottle of Slick 50® to the engine and AMAZINGLY the mower is running like brand new. Great compression and power. Your product is great!"

Tom, Illinois

"Slick 50® gets the job done."


"I put slick 50® in my truck’s first oil change back in 99 and at 250,000 miles it still gets 23mpg and doesn’t use a quart of oil between changes. Not bad for a Mazda b 2500 pick up."


"I used Slick 50® in a 1978 Chevette. I drove it for over 150K miles. Three kids, me and a wife along with camping, fishing gear and a loaded cooler from NY to the Black Hills and numerous trips to Disney. The only work that had to be done on the engine was a timing belt change. It was still going when I sold it in 1990. Thanks Slick 50 for saving me thousands of dollars in repairs or even a new car during the years I wouldn't have been able to afford it."


"Slick 50® is great stuff for your engine!"


"Have been using Slick 50® for about 30 years."


"I’ve got to hand it to you. Slick 50® is the most awesome product ever. I have used this product in everything I own that runs, turns or spins. I can say that your product truly works. Thanks so much."


"Love your product. Used on our dirt bikes and quads. Awesome product. Will continue to use."


"Some good stuff. Works great."


"This is the best stuff. I use it in my 1970 Ford so far still running good."


"I used Slick 50® in all my cars. My 87 Cavalier had 302,000 miles when I traded it. I wish I had it back."